Foreigners In Japan

I am a foreigner in Japan for more than 30 years. John makes the Only in Japan YOU TUBE channel, and the vid from him here makes the point that recently there are some who behave badly and make the good foreigners like me, by association, look not so good. Much of what he talks about is particular to Tokyo. I am in Shizuoka about an hour out by fast train.

Silly History (but still nice)

Every time I do what I do here I feel I have to define it. I have other places on the WEB for other things. Here I am only curating from YOU TUBE but not showing anything that was original with me. I am only pointing at things that I think others should be interested in just because I was interested in such things. This one is the history of the country where I live – Japan.

As you might watch very carefully, you see a fade-in/fade-out of a modern day American, It is NOT a positive reference.